Hunger Relief

Hunger Relief

PPL Community Support is actively engaged in efforts to reduce hunger within our communities. Supporting local foodbanks and the hunger relief programs of organisations vital in the fight against poverty and hunger.

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Disaster Relief

Through our associate and membership programs we actively support the victims of natural disasters and other tragedies and continue to do so.

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Special Needs

We provide much needed support to agencies and organisations that strive to make life better for those with disabilities and other special needs.

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We have long recognised the critical importance education plays in building strong communities and its role in ensuring their future growth. To this extent we are always actively searching for ways to contribute more to local schools and education institutions through our fund-raising and support programs.

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Health and Human Services

We strongly support vital human services such as woman`s and men's shelters, health screening and immunisation, diabetes research, cancer research and child welfare programs to name but a few. We actively support efforts to improve the community awareness, detection and treatment of breast cancer, prostate cancer, bowl cancer and the fight against neuromuscular and Motor Neurone diseases.

Tanzanian Specs Amnesty


The Tanzanian Specs Amnesty

Pre-Paid Legal Services in conjunction with the Health Insurance Fund of Western Australia (HIF) launched the "specs amnesty", to collect unneeded pairs of glasses to be sent to Tanzania to be distributed to local villages who cannot afford glasses and would otherwise have no access to eye care.

Members and the general public were encouraged to participate and to drop off their old glasses into PPL's office and other designated drop off points so that they could be collected and shipped to the small Tanzanian village known as the Kahama District.

This initiative was aimed at bringing a whole new lease of life to the many hundreds of visually impaired people in the Kahama District, especially children and the elderly.

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